Treating with plasma in summertime

You might be fooled in to thinking that summer isn’t the best time to be treating the skin with plasma. As this procedure does incur some downtime and allowance for healing. The truth is, the summer is a superb time to treat the skin with sublimation and this is because in summer, we are all better healing machines!

The sun is the lifeline of our planet and responsible for all living things. If the sun were to suddenly ‘disappear’, in 7 years, every single living thing on the earth would die. There is nothing more important to us on Earth than the sun. Without it’s heat and light, our planet would simply be a lifeless ball of ice-coated rock. The sun is responsible for warming our seas, stirring our atmosphere and generating our weather patterns. It brings energy and life to our growing green plants and provides the food and oxygen for life on earth.

You’d be right in thinking that the sun can be extremely dangerous if abused and not respected, especially when it comes to the skin. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can penetrate unprotected skin, causing burning, dehydration, premature ageing and at worst, skin cancer. But UVA and UVB rays are just a small percentage of the spectrum of light that the sun emits. We obtain vital vitamin D from the sun and if our skin is duly protected and we don’t over-expose ourselves, a small amount of sunlight each day has a positive effect on our health and our moods.

The summer months mean regeneration, renewal and an increase in our metabolic rate. As human beings we heal faster, burn more calories and are generally fitter in the summer and this all revolves around the increased number of daylight hours that are present. In the winter, we hibernate, store energy as fat and tend to be more sluggish and less likely to be out and about, thus slowing our metabolic rate and in-turn our efficacy to heal quickly. For this reason, having advanced treatments to the skin in summer, if managed well, can result in faster healing time and increased recovery.

As a practitioner, it’s important to consult with your client and advise on the most appropriate times for treatment with plasma, pre-care and after-care. If your client is about to embark on a summer vacation and you know they want to be exposing their skin to large amounts of sunlight, it’s best to hold fire on the procedure until they return and their tan has faded. However, it’s worth taking in to consideration that as skin experts, we all need to be advising our clients to use SPF50 every day, to minimise sun damage and wrinkling of the skin. It’s no longer so fashionable to be sporting a ‘leather look’ tan and if your client is going to be investing in a plasma treatment, it’s surely best to guide them to avoiding the sun in peak hours and protecting their skin with a high SPF. Once your client understands that safe sun exposure is the way to go, they will be more likely to benefit from plasma by taking care of their skin in the days, weeks and months following treatment and beyond. It’s also worth noting that following treatment with A|C|C|O|R®, you’ll be able to advise them of the best SPF and cosmeceutical skincare to use, which could mean extra revenue for your clinic!

In short, don’t fear summer when it comes to A|C|C|O|R®. As a highly-professional, knowledgeable skin expert, you’ll be trained to consult and advise your clients so that they can obtain amazing results with plasma and safely take care of their skin afterwards.

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