A|C|C|O|R Dream Team!

A|C|C|O|R® strengthen their Aesthetic business presence with the Dream Team!

A|C|C|O|R® have enlisted the expertise and historical excellence of Sharon King and Kevin Eley to join Rae Waldon to evolve and expand the Aesthetic arm of A|C|C|O|R®

Sharon King is an NMC registered nurse, an independent prescriber, board member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group, nursing director of Cosmedic Pharmacy, medical director of 3D-lipolite, editorial advisory panel member for Aesthetic Magazine, clinical trainer and Consultant for Sinclair Pharma, field clinical specialist in dermal fillers and regularly trains on behalf of many leading aesthetic companies. Sharon spearheads the training of plastic surgeons, cosmetic nurses and aesthetic professionals from her training centre based in Tamworth in the Midlands.

Kevin Eley is a highly-respected sales director who has worked in the aesthetic industry for many years and has worked with numerous high-profile brands such as Merz, Sinclair IS Pharma and Neauvia. Kevin specializes in sales strategy, management and training to leading brands in the aesthetic industry and has recently joined A|C|C|O|R® to lend his skills and expertise not only to continue sales growth but to implement and action logistical strategies for conference and exhibition attendance as well as increasing brand awareness in aesthetics.

Rae Waldon has been with A|C|C|O|R® since September 2017 as business consultant and heads up online marketing, PR and sales in the south for the company. Having worked in aesthetics since 2009 as sales and marketing representative for 2 media companies, clinic manager for Dr Mike Comins, renowned Vaser surgeon and cosmetic doctor, as sales consultant for Neauvia Organic dermal fillers and owning her own social media and marketing strategy company serving the beauty, aesthetics and audio industry, Rae will be teaming up with Sharon and Kevin to launch A|C|C|O|R® into the aesthetics market to rival the competition devices which are newly emerging to the market.

Having been with A|C|C|O|R® for nearly a year and knowing that this brand has all the necessary accreditations and proven track record to serve discerning members of the aesthetics and medical industry, I am delighted that both Sharon and Kevin will be offering their expertise and multi-level skills to propel us within the aesthetic industry to ensure that every medical and cosmetic professional knows what A|C|C|O|R® can offer the industry by means of historical data, a unique and robust training programme and ongoing support throughout. I am extremely excited to welcome Sharon who will deliver a second-to-none training module to our medical professionals. Kevin and I have worked together in the past and I am delighted to have introduced him to A|C|C|O|R® so he can expand our presence within the aesthetics industry and assist with our strategic sales and marketing plan”

For more information on the A|C|C|O|R® aesthetics team and to arrange a demonstration with Rae or Kevin, please contact info@pen-aesthetics.co.uk or call 01344 411480.


Choosing the right plasma device

If you have been looking in to obtaining a plasma device for your aesthetic or beauty business, you’ll probably be aware that there are a few new devices out there on the market. The search for the right plasma device may leave you confused due to the range of technologies, devices and training courses available. So, how do you choose the right plasma device for you?

If you think that the cheapest option is going to be the most sensible, then it’s worth reading on.

Many of the new plasma devices you see offering ‘cheap’ deals and fast-track training don’t have the necessary proven track record or indeed, the comprehensive training in place to offer practitioners both efficacy of treatment, skills in deciding who should be treated, dealing with downtime and ensuring their clients are safe throughout treatment and beyond.

This is where A|C|C|O|R® is different.

A|C|C|O|R® is now sold in 24 Countries worldwide and has a 5-year proven track record with thousands of case studies, before and after pictures and testimonials from over 100 UK practitioners as well as those based internationally. Our training programme offers a 2-day tiered and monitored course and is taught by UK practitioner trainers who have undergone a stringent training programme to ensure that they are of the highest standard to teach using the A|C|C|O|R® specialised techniques. We only train 2 practitioners at a time which ensures both confidence in our students and safety for patients. We only teach those who have invested in an A|C|C|O|R® device as our brand cannot vouch for any other plasma device on the market and if you purchase A|C|C|O|R® you MUST attend 2 days of training to ensure you are not only offering a first-class treatment for your clients, but are upholding the exacting standards of our brand.

The A|C|C|O|R® device is extremely competitive by means of price and with the pen comes 2 training vouchers to take you to pro-level (giving you 14 treatment indications to offer your clients), marketing materials both in hard copy as well as online, ongoing trainer support and consumables for up to 12 patients. All available for £43 per week over 36 months inclusive of VAT.

The device is CE certified and manufactured in the UK and has a one year warranty. Extended warranty is also available.

If you are thinking of purchasing a plasma device, you’ll know that it’s your responsibility as a qualified practitioner to offer your clients a safe, effective and pleasing treatment. When you choose A|C|C|O|R®, you can be assured you are not only getting superb value for money but peace of mind that you are on your way to becoming one of the elite plasma practitioners in the UK with no compromise.

For more information contact us at info@pen-aesthetics.co.uk

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