A|C|C|O|R Dream Team!

A|C|C|O|R® strengthen their Aesthetic business presence with the Dream Team!

A|C|C|O|R® have enlisted the expertise and historical excellence of Sharon King and Kevin Eley to join Rae Waldon to evolve and expand the Aesthetic arm of A|C|C|O|R®

Sharon King is an NMC registered nurse, an independent prescriber, board member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group, nursing director of Cosmedic Pharmacy, medical director of 3D-lipolite, editorial advisory panel member for Aesthetic Magazine, clinical trainer and Consultant for Sinclair Pharma, field clinical specialist in dermal fillers and regularly trains on behalf of many leading aesthetic companies. Sharon spearheads the training of plastic surgeons, cosmetic nurses and aesthetic professionals from her training centre based in Tamworth in the Midlands.

Kevin Eley is a highly-respected sales director who has worked in the aesthetic industry for many years and has worked with numerous high-profile brands such as Merz, Sinclair IS Pharma and Neauvia. Kevin specializes in sales strategy, management and training to leading brands in the aesthetic industry and has recently joined A|C|C|O|R® to lend his skills and expertise not only to continue sales growth but to implement and action logistical strategies for conference and exhibition attendance as well as increasing brand awareness in aesthetics.

Rae Waldon has been with A|C|C|O|R® since September 2017 as business consultant and heads up online marketing, PR and sales in the south for the company. Having worked in aesthetics since 2009 as sales and marketing representative for 2 media companies, clinic manager for Dr Mike Comins, renowned Vaser surgeon and cosmetic doctor, as sales consultant for Neauvia Organic dermal fillers and owning her own social media and marketing strategy company serving the beauty, aesthetics and audio industry, Rae will be teaming up with Sharon and Kevin to launch A|C|C|O|R® into the aesthetics market to rival the competition devices which are newly emerging to the market.

Having been with A|C|C|O|R® for nearly a year and knowing that this brand has all the necessary accreditations and proven track record to serve discerning members of the aesthetics and medical industry, I am delighted that both Sharon and Kevin will be offering their expertise and multi-level skills to propel us within the aesthetic industry to ensure that every medical and cosmetic professional knows what A|C|C|O|R® can offer the industry by means of historical data, a unique and robust training programme and ongoing support throughout. I am extremely excited to welcome Sharon who will deliver a second-to-none training module to our medical professionals. Kevin and I have worked together in the past and I am delighted to have introduced him to A|C|C|O|R® so he can expand our presence within the aesthetics industry and assist with our strategic sales and marketing plan”

For more information on the A|C|C|O|R® aesthetics team and to arrange a demonstration with Rae or Kevin, please contact info@pen-aesthetics.co.uk or call 01344 411480.


Choosing the right plasma device

If you have been looking in to obtaining a plasma device for your aesthetic or beauty business, you’ll probably be aware that there are a few new devices out there on the market. The search for the right plasma device may leave you confused due to the range of technologies, devices and training courses available. So, how do you choose the right plasma device for you?

If you think that the cheapest option is going to be the most sensible, then it’s worth reading on.

Many of the new plasma devices you see offering ‘cheap’ deals and fast-track training don’t have the necessary proven track record or indeed, the comprehensive training in place to offer practitioners both efficacy of treatment, skills in deciding who should be treated, dealing with downtime and ensuring their clients are safe throughout treatment and beyond.

This is where A|C|C|O|R® is different.

A|C|C|O|R® is now sold in 24 Countries worldwide and has a 5-year proven track record with thousands of case studies, before and after pictures and testimonials from over 100 UK practitioners as well as those based internationally. Our training programme offers a 2-day tiered and monitored course and is taught by UK practitioner trainers who have undergone a stringent training programme to ensure that they are of the highest standard to teach using the A|C|C|O|R® specialised techniques. We only train 2 practitioners at a time which ensures both confidence in our students and safety for patients. We only teach those who have invested in an A|C|C|O|R® device as our brand cannot vouch for any other plasma device on the market and if you purchase A|C|C|O|R® you MUST attend 2 days of training to ensure you are not only offering a first-class treatment for your clients, but are upholding the exacting standards of our brand.

The A|C|C|O|R® device is extremely competitive by means of price and with the pen comes 2 training vouchers to take you to pro-level (giving you 14 treatment indications to offer your clients), marketing materials both in hard copy as well as online, ongoing trainer support and consumables for up to 12 patients. All available for £43 per week over 36 months inclusive of VAT.

The device is CE certified and manufactured in the UK and has a one year warranty. Extended warranty is also available.

If you are thinking of purchasing a plasma device, you’ll know that it’s your responsibility as a qualified practitioner to offer your clients a safe, effective and pleasing treatment. When you choose A|C|C|O|R®, you can be assured you are not only getting superb value for money but peace of mind that you are on your way to becoming one of the elite plasma practitioners in the UK with no compromise.

For more information contact us at info@pen-aesthetics.co.uk

Marketing A|C|C|O|R® plasma treatments to your clients

Every clinic or salon owner knows that the key to obtaining new clients, retaining loyal clients and cross-selling treatments and products is all about clever and consistent marketing. With the evolution of social media marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, business owners not only have the power of word-of-mouth testimonials and recommendations as well as their website to promote their services, but what could be described as the largest database on the planet!

Plasma is a relatively new treatment on the market (when you compare it to wrinkle-smoothing injections, dermal fillers and eyelid surgery) so it’s important to not only sell the concept to your existing clients, but to raise awareness to potential clientele that you are one of the first in the UK to pioneer low-frequency plasma skin tightening with A|C|C|O|R®.

This is all well and good in theory, but if you’re not an expert in marketing, how can this all be implemented? At A|C|C|O|R® we understand that owner-operators are so busy running their businesses and treating their clients, they may not have the time or head space to implement a marketing plan, print out leaflets and posters and will not have enough before and after pictures, logos and treatment or promotional videos to start with. Therefore, when you purchase an A|C|C|O|R® we offer a ‘getting started’ PDF with step-by-step hints and tips on creating a successful plasma business through effective marketing. We will soon be applying this document to our website so that new clients can simply download and refer to this whenever they need to.

When first kicking off a plasma business, it’s important to drum up interest with your ‘low hanging fruit’ (existing clients). Therefore, putting in to place an ‘exclusive introductory offer’ is key to lining up your potential plasma patients from the get go. We suggest offering the first 20 people a 25% discount off their first treatment if they attend a consultation and skin test if needed within a set amount of time after your first training session. You can also enlist a special client to be your training model, obtaining up to £1000 worth of treatment free of charge! It’s worth choosing a client who will be happy to have before and after pictures and who will perhaps offer a video diary or testimonial for you to use later-on, when the treatment is fully complete (more marketing material power to your elbow!).

To draw the attention of potential clients, we allow use of all our logos, images and before and after pictures on the open Facebook Page. We’ll also be creating a Drop Box feature where you can access these images without having to scroll down the Facebook posts to find your chosen image.

We also offer two consumer videos which you can use on your own website and social media. These are available from head office on 01344 411480 or info@pen-aesthetics.co.uk.

Having a seasonal, annual plan is also useful, to structure your post ideas, future video ideas as well as blogs for your website (posting a link to your blog from your social media pages will encourage organic traffic to your website and help SEO (search engine optimisation) and give you an idea of how plasma fits in with your existing treatment portfolio. This plan will also highlight special dates in the calendar and any offers that you are giving to clients throughout the year. A marketing plan for your business can be obtained for a one- off fee, from our marketing specialist, Rae Waldon on 07730393757 or rae@smarths.org. Additional services such as Facebook posting can also be obtained and prices are available upon consultation.

Marketing your A|C|C|O|R® plasma business doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting. We ensure you have all the necessary tools to get you started so that you can show yourself as being one of the plasma elite and shine out beyond your competitors.

For more information contact the A|C|C|O|R® team on 01344 411480.

Treating with plasma in summertime

You might be fooled in to thinking that summer isn’t the best time to be treating the skin with plasma. As this procedure does incur some downtime and allowance for healing. The truth is, the summer is a superb time to treat the skin with sublimation and this is because in summer, we are all better healing machines!

The sun is the lifeline of our planet and responsible for all living things. If the sun were to suddenly ‘disappear’, in 7 years, every single living thing on the earth would die. There is nothing more important to us on Earth than the sun. Without it’s heat and light, our planet would simply be a lifeless ball of ice-coated rock. The sun is responsible for warming our seas, stirring our atmosphere and generating our weather patterns. It brings energy and life to our growing green plants and provides the food and oxygen for life on earth.

You’d be right in thinking that the sun can be extremely dangerous if abused and not respected, especially when it comes to the skin. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can penetrate unprotected skin, causing burning, dehydration, premature ageing and at worst, skin cancer. But UVA and UVB rays are just a small percentage of the spectrum of light that the sun emits. We obtain vital vitamin D from the sun and if our skin is duly protected and we don’t over-expose ourselves, a small amount of sunlight each day has a positive effect on our health and our moods.

The summer months mean regeneration, renewal and an increase in our metabolic rate. As human beings we heal faster, burn more calories and are generally fitter in the summer and this all revolves around the increased number of daylight hours that are present. In the winter, we hibernate, store energy as fat and tend to be more sluggish and less likely to be out and about, thus slowing our metabolic rate and in-turn our efficacy to heal quickly. For this reason, having advanced treatments to the skin in summer, if managed well, can result in faster healing time and increased recovery.

As a practitioner, it’s important to consult with your client and advise on the most appropriate times for treatment with plasma, pre-care and after-care. If your client is about to embark on a summer vacation and you know they want to be exposing their skin to large amounts of sunlight, it’s best to hold fire on the procedure until they return and their tan has faded. However, it’s worth taking in to consideration that as skin experts, we all need to be advising our clients to use SPF50 every day, to minimise sun damage and wrinkling of the skin. It’s no longer so fashionable to be sporting a ‘leather look’ tan and if your client is going to be investing in a plasma treatment, it’s surely best to guide them to avoiding the sun in peak hours and protecting their skin with a high SPF. Once your client understands that safe sun exposure is the way to go, they will be more likely to benefit from plasma by taking care of their skin in the days, weeks and months following treatment and beyond. It’s also worth noting that following treatment with A|C|C|O|R®, you’ll be able to advise them of the best SPF and cosmeceutical skincare to use, which could mean extra revenue for your clinic!

In short, don’t fear summer when it comes to A|C|C|O|R®. As a highly-professional, knowledgeable skin expert, you’ll be trained to consult and advise your clients so that they can obtain amazing results with plasma and safely take care of their skin afterwards.

Staying ahead in your beauty or aesthetic business


As we enter the new financial year, you may be thinking of new and imaginative ways to improve your profitability as a beauty or aesthetic business owner. Life never stays still in this industry and to stay ahead of the competition takes gumption, a savvy business brain and keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to new and emerging technologies and treatments. At A|C|C|O|R® we are certain that the future does indeed look extremely bright, if you’re like one of 80 UK practitioners now utilising the A|C|C|O|R® plasma corrector for a range of skin concerns.

Plasma technology itself isn’t new. The applied physical principle of the silent electric discharge was developed by Werner von Siemens in 1857 with the aim of producing ozone.

The use of “plasma pen” technology was introduced into surgery in the 1960’s to cauterise. The recent success of doctor-only devices such as PLEXR has catapulted treating skin concerns with plasma to dizzy heights. A|C|C|O|R® uses a low frequency technology which not only delivers equal if not superior skin tightening but with less downtime and discomfort than the higher frequency devices on the market.

A|C|C|O|R® enables beauty and aesthetic practitioners of NVQ Level 3 and above to successfully administer plasma technology to their clientele, so whereas a patient used to have to visit a clinician or plastic surgeon and undergo a rather uncomfortable procedure with lengthy recovery and downtime, A|C|C|O|R® makes the treatment accessible, less uncomfortable, a faster treatment to administer and offers a faster healing and recovery time.

So, what’s in it for you?

As a savvy practitioner, you’ll be looking to achieve a fast return on investment and to deliver a long-term, lasting treatment for your clients. Plasma can offer an alternative to injectable treatments, something that some clients want to avoid. It’s also a much more robust and advanced procedure than something like a ‘simple’ facial which may feel delightful but may not offer the significant results a client of a certain age or skin type is seeking. When a client walks through your doors, you’ll want to be able to offer an effective treatment for a variety of skin concerns, from lines and wrinkles, to sagging and ageing skin to pigmentation, skin tags, tattoos and semi-permanent eyebrow mistakes! Instead of purchasing a range of machines and devices to tackle these problems individually, costing a small fortune, A|C|C|O|R® can treat all these indications quickly and effectively.

More and more beauty businesses are taking that step to medi-spa status to stay ahead of the game. Aesthetic businesses are missing a trick if they aren’t already offering plasma as a skin tightening alternative to injectables or surgery. Clients are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding when it comes to that cross-over treatment between non-surgery and surgery and will be asking “what can you offer me?”. If your competitor can address a variety of skin concerns, including advanced treatments as well as the ‘softer’ treatments, you may be risking losing out!

A|C|C|O|R® is reasonably priced so it won’t break the bank and with 0% finance and a healthy range of treatment prices, if you are clever with your marketing, you could make your money back in as little as 11 days (which is our current record).

So, what about training?

At A|C|C|O|R® we only allow our highly-qualified adult educators to train our clients and this is on a one to two basis only. The tiered, 2-day course will ensure that you have the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver superb, safe treatments. We refuse to compromise on our training programme and pride ourselves on being the global first in one to two-person training. You’ll be seeing many plasma pen devices coming on to the UK market which includes a one day training seminar with a room full of people, all trying to learn from one trainer. This is a no-no as far as we are concerned and our brand will continue to be the number one due to our intensive training. We want you and your clients to be in safe hands, always.

Where do I sign?

If you’re looking to boost your beauty or aesthetic business this new financial year, you can come along to one of our free discovery events, held around the country where you will be able to see a presentation on plasma and the A|C|C|O|R® device as well as see a treatment demonstration performed by one of our UK master trainers.

Simply register your interest here (box linking to discovery events) or call us on 01344 411480 to become one of the UKs plasma elite!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

ACCOR blog – £1000 + VAT May Special


As May brings with it a burst of much-needed, glorious sunshine, at A|C|C|O|R® we have decided to make the month an even sweeter one, with a May time special offer. This month only, you can get a £1000 + VAT discount off the device and tiered training programme!

With over 80 practitioners in the UK, now using A|C|C|O|R® as their preferred, low frequency plasma device, as a brand we are going from strength to absolute strength and we are making it our mission to not only offer value for money and a high quality, luxury device which is CE certified and manufactured in the UK by revered and trusted aerospace manufacturers, Airbus, but to ensure that all our clients obtain a robust, safe and tiered training programme with our highly-qualified expert practitioners and adult educators in London and Surrey.

After the huge success of doctor-only devices, plasma is becoming THE go-to treatment for a range of skin concerns which include:

  • Upper and lower eyelids
  • Soft face lift
  • Lower face lift
  • Jowl tightening
  • Neck lift
  • Wrinkles such as crow’s feet, forehead lines and glabella lines
  • Pigmentation removal
  • Skin tag removal (warts, skin tags, moles, milia)
  • Small tattoo removal
  • Non-surgical tummy tuck
  • Breast realignment
  • Stretch mark removal
  • Acne scarring removal

A|C|C|O|R® is the first in the world to offer low frequency technology, delivering a superior skin tightening treatment but with less discomfort and less downtime than other plasma pens on the market; ensuring that your clients are not only delighted with the results, but stay faithful and return for multiple treatments with A|C|C|O|R®.

The device is extremely reasonably positioned in price at £5950 + VAT including 2 training vouchers for one person to reach pro level, marketing materials, consumables and a guide on how to advertise the treatments to your existing and new clients via social media and web channels.

For the month of May, we are offering £1000 + VAT off when paid for upfront (cash, credit card or bank transfer) and with treatment prices ranging from £50 to £800, return on investment can be astonishingly fast on this device. Our record so far for a practitioner making their money back on the A|C|C|O|R® device is 11 days and there’s no reason why with clever marketing to your client base, you couldn’t beat it!

With this highly-effective technology now being accessible to therapists and business owners from NVQ Level 3 and above, we believe that the future of advanced cosmetic procedures is plasma and A|C|C|O|R® is leading the way, globally with its innovative technology, training programme and ongoing client support.

To take advantage of our May offer, simply contact us on 01344 411480 or email josh@smarths.org.

Here comes the sun!

If you haven’t been in Barbados for the last few months, you’ll know that here in the UK the weather has been terrible! Cold, wet, windy and frankly miserable. Now it seems that things are ‘hotting’ up and we are just about seeing the turn, from winter chills to a sunnier outlook.

For many beauty and aesthetic businesses, this means a higher demand for skin treatments and offering advice on taking care of the skin in the sun. Plasma is becoming a hugely popular treatment when it comes to skin tightening and rejuvenation and as A|C|C|O|R® offers a low frequency technology which offers less downtime for the client, the treatment can be performed in the summer as well as in colder climates. It’s just a matter of timing and advising on how to manage downtime and aftercare, following treatment.

As plasma technology uses ‘sublimation’ (turning a solid in to vapour instantly) there is inevitably going to be a period of downtime. Swelling can occur, especially when an upper or lower eyelid treatment is performed and small scabs will form where the skin has been sublimated. These scabs should fall off in 5 to 7 days and it is fine for the client to cover these with either our own medicated make up or a mineral based, medical make up such as Oxygenetix™ foundation. However, it is vitally important that after this period and when the scabs have fallen off, that your client invests in a high-quality SPF 50 and uses it regularly. This is because underneath the scabs, newly rejuvenated skin appears, which can be slightly pink. These new skin cells are super sensitive to the sun’s rays and can be permanently damaged by harmful UVA and UVB. Protecting this fresh, new skin is vital to eliminate the risk of hyperpigmentation, sun-damage and other potential sun related issues.

Applying plasma technology in the Spring and Summer is also a question of timing and managing expectations. As there can be a period of downtime of around 7 to 10 days and then new, pink skin for up to 2 months, it’s important to ask your client, at the point of consultation if they are taking any sun holidays in the coming weeks. As well as not wanting to be exhibiting scabbing skin on their holidays, your client will thank you for timing their A|C|C|O|R® treatment so that they minimise any risk of over exposure in the sun and further risk of sun-damage or unwanted pigmentation.

Treating with A|C|C|O|R® in summertime is entirely possible, if you are making sure that you are sensible with your pre-and post-care advice, you’re timing your treatments accordingly and encouraging your client to slather on SPF50 not only following their treatment, but all summer long. You’ll find that if you follow these simple steps when treating with A|C|C|O|R® you’ll have a very happy and loyal client!

A|C|C|O|R treatment focus – treating the upper eyelids

Treating saggy upper eyelids has always been something of an impossible task for the beauty specialist. RF cannot reach this area, nor can Microneedling, IPL or peels and if you are medically trained and using injectables, you’ll know that the upper bleph is a no-no area. The C02 laser can indeed prove successful in treating the upper eyelids, but if you haven’t got a cool £100K plus to spend or a rather large treatment room and your patients would rather not have metal protection inserts in their eyes, this only really leaves surgical intervention.

Fortunately, at A|C|C|O|R we have developed a highly effective, proven and safe treatment for ageing and lymphatic upper eyelid sagging and it’s taking the beauty and aesthetic world by storm. Where plasma technology has previously only been available to medical practitioners, the A|C|C|O|R low frequency device has as much, if not more skin tightening capability but with far less downtime or discomfort than other plasma pens on the market.

A|C|C|O|R is the number one plasma device in Germany and with over 5 years proven track record, is the only device that can boast efficacy and safety of this stature. Austria has only accepted one plasma device to-date, due to their stringent safety rules and training expectations and, you guessed it, it’s A|C|C|O|R.

You’ll start to see lots of plasma devices launching in the UK. Why? Because plasma technology works! But as with any advanced cosmetic device, it needs to be in the hands with a highly-trained specialist so that it is safe and the results are optimal. Treating the upper eyelids is a one-off treatment with A|C|C|O|R and this means, you’ve got to get it right first time. Too many companies assume that a room of 15 people watching a treatment is an adequate training session. At A|C|C|O|R we ONLY train one-to-one or one-to-two and we are adamant about that. Our two-tiered intensive training programme will ensure that whether you are a nurse practitioner, cosmetic doctor or beauty therapist, you will have the same training, monitoring, mentoring and guidance to be fully competent and accredited to administer a successful treatment. You’ll only be approved for stage two training, after a closed forum process of case study submissions of treatments and ongoing support.

A|C|C|O|R has been proven to reduce upper eyelid sagging in as little as one treatment (lymphatic hoods may need more than one treatment, as well as extensively ageing skins), therefore you could be one of the first in the UK to offer this superb treatment to your clients, who may not wish to undergo the expense, downtime and discomfort of invasive surgery. Your clients will love you for it and want to experience some of the 14 other treatments that A|C|C|O|R can achieve, elevating your business and expanding your treatment portfolio, without having to pay fortunes for a cumbersome device with a slow return on investment.

Our global master trainer and practitioner Kim Wuestehube had this to say about treating upper eyelids with A|C|C|O|R:

“My colleague, Sabine Brandt and I are constantly amazed at the quick and effective treatment made possible with the A|C|C|O|R Cosmetic Corrector, perfect for those wanting less down time, no scarring and no bruising! When a customer comes to us for such a treatment, they usually do not want to go under the knife! They love the instantly visible results and the fact that they don’t need full anaesthesia.  We see a steady improvement over the following weeks, even months and customers are amazed at their lifted and revitalised eyes! My favourite comments are “I can see so much more now!” or “Oh my gosh! I look 15 years younger!”. We often have customers giving us hugs when they leave because they are over the moon, some even have a few tears in their beautifully rejuvenated eyes!  When I first heard of the A|C|C|O|R Cosmetic Corrector I was looking for a way to lift upper lids for my patients. It took me 5 minutes to decide on purchasing the A|C|C|O|R, and I have not looked back since then. My colleague Sabine Brandt, has a very similar story! For 1.5 years now Sabine has been researching and experimenting, improving and developing new lifting techniques. Where many other devices need several treatments, Sabine’s techniques in combination with the NF-Technology of A|C|C|O|R make an amazing lifting of the eyes after just one treatment possible.  We are 100% convinced and enthusiastic practitioners and trainers!”

With our 0% finance payment plan, if you administer one upper eyelid treatment at our recommended price of £350, every two months you will be paying for the device. So, it’s a ‘no brainer’ when it comes to return on investment, as once the word is out, any of your clients with hooded, sagging eyelids will be clambering for the treatment!

At A|C|C|O|R we believe that plasma is the future of non-surgical upper eyelid augmentation and word is spreading fast both in the industry and in the media. So, why not become one of the first in the UK to join the Plasma Elite and book in for a discovery event to see how you could be treating upper eyelids successfully with this revolutionary technology.

Discover Plasma Technology – Discover A|C|C|O|R

Are you a salon owner, therapist or practitioner who sees the value of advanced cosmetic treatments for your business? Times are changing and technology is evolving, so fast and so much so, facials, waxing and nail treatments are no longer enough for the demanding and savvy client, seeking advanced skincare treatments and non-surgical facelifts.

With a myriad of devices and procedures to choose from, the traditional beauty salon is having to make some keen-eye changes to update and upgrade its business, to keep up with the sea of change that is sweeping the beauty industry as well as the competition!

So, what can you offer your well-informed client when he or she asks for more advanced skin tightening but not the discomfort, upper and lower eyelid improvement without surgery, wrinkle-smoothing without injections and quick, effective mole, skin tag or pigmentation removal? How about plasma skin tightening for the neck, crows feet or skin pigmentation.

Some might think you’d need a treatment room full of expensive devices to handle these demands, but, this is where you would be mistaken.

In the past two years, Plasma pen treatments technology has swept through the aesthetic industry with a device which took medical practitioners’ breath away. The plasma pen device offers effective sublimation of the skin and can treat a whole range of skin concerns. Until now, the plasma pen device has only been available to medically qualified surgeons, doctors, and dentists, limiting the exposure that plasma could offer to the beauty market, but that was before A|C|C|O|R.

A|C|C|O|R is the link in technology, between the beauty and aesthetic market and is available to therapists and practitioners with NVQ Level 3 and above, and we believe is the next generation of skin tightening, wrinkle smoothing and blemish-solving devices to hit the industry, without the hefty price tag.

Designed in Germany and UK manufactured, A|C|C|O|R is Germany’s number one plasma product, is the ONLY plasma device which is accepted in Austria due to its 5-year proven track record and is sold on 5 of the 6 continents. A|C|C|O|R comes with a 2 to 3 tiered, intensive training programme, full customer support along with marketing materials as well as a recovery pack, as well as a choice of payment options.

A|C|C|O|R believe that the beauty industry own extraordinary talents, who deserve to take their businesses further with an innovative technology and therefore our low-frequency device offers less downtime, less discomfort and a gentler approach to plasma treatment, but with unrivalled skin tightening and non-surgical facelifts.

Want to see for yourself?

As part of our pledge to educate and inform, we offer complimentary “discovery’ events in all areas of the UK.

Our up and coming events are:

London – Mill Hill – 29th January at 10am to 12 noon.

Midlands – NEC Holiday Inn – 12th February from 11am to 1pm

At our A|C|C|O|R discovery events, you will be able to learn about plasma, plasma skin tightening, A|C|C|O|R technology and the effect that it can have on ageing, blemished and pigmented skin. You’ll then be invited to watch a live treatment demonstration, performed by one of our UK expert trainers and practitioners. This allows you to see a treatment up close and speak with the model to obtain first hand, their experience with A|C|C|O|R.

We also offer attractive payment plans and special discounts for those that attend, including £1000 off a device if paid for upfront or 0% finance at only £43 per week!

As you can imagine, places for this educational and informative meeting are limited and get taken very fast! So please contact us ASAP to reserve your place at either the London or Midlands meetings.

Call Josh or Ian on 01344 411480 or email info@pen-aesthetics.co.uk

Come and experience A|C|C|O|R at one of our discovery days, and you could soon be one of the first practitioners in the UK to offer plasma technology in your salon, spa or practice!

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pen aesthetics clients

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